Jackpot Winners

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$1 Million Jackpot Winner

Mighty Millionaire Jackpot Winner - Susan G. - $1,062,552It may have been hot outside but it was even hotter inside the Great Blue Heron Casino, as Susan G. became the casinos’ latest Mighty Millionaire jackpot winner.  Susan hit the Mighty Millionaire jackpot at the Great Blue Heron Casino on July 13th, winning $1,062,552.00.  Mighty millionaire is a linked network of slot machines that can be played at various gaming sites across the province.

Mystery Progressive
Chuck W.
Chuck W. - Mystery Progressive - $9,404
Let It Ride
Gordon M.
Gordon M. - Let It Ride - $35,000
Triple Cash
Walid N.
Walid N. - Triple Cash - $6,750
Gong Xi Fa Cai
Marion K.
Marion K. - Gong Xi Fa Cai - $10,538
5x 10x
Ashley B.
Ashley B. - 5x 10x - $5,000
Quick Hits
Sarah H.
Sarah H. - Quick Hits - $3,764
Quick Hits
Elke P.
Elke P. - Quick Hits - $5,000
Triple Cash
Aldo F.
Aldo F. - Triple Cash - $6,750