Super 7s Blackjack

Rules of Play

  1. Only on specially marked Blackjack layouts, the Player will have the option of making a $1.00 wager that they are dealt one or more 7s in their hand.
  2. The Super 7s wager shall win according to the following:
    • One 7 – first card, any suit: $3.00
    • Two 7s – First two cards, any suit: $3.00
    • Two 7s – first two cards, same suit: $100.00
    • Three 7s – first three cards, any suit: $500.00
    • Three 7s – first three cards, same suit: $5000.00
  3. All Super 7s bets must be placed prior to the dealing on any card.
  4. If the Player is not dealt a 7 on their first card concludes that the 7s wager does not pay.
  5. The Player must have a Blackjack wager for the Super 7s wager to qualify.
  6. All hands with two 7s are paid the appropriate bonus after the Player receives the third card.
  7. If the Player splits 7s, a three 7 bonus will be paid if the first card drawn on the first hand is a 7 and the two 7 bonus will be paid in all other cases.
  8. Maximum wager on Super 7s is $1.00 per Player.
  9. A Player(s) “Piggy Backing” a Blackjack wager qualifies for a Super 7s bonus wager.
  10. Up to three Super 7s wagers may be played on a hand. The bonus wagers shall be placed side by side in designated area.