Poker FAQ

What live games are available in the Poker Pit?
The Poker Pit spreads Texas Hold’em Omaha Hi Only, Omaha/ Hold’em Mix games, and Pineapple all played as limit games. If you enjoy a No Limit style game we also offer 1-2 and 2-5, these games can be played as Texas Hold’em or Omaha and have a $2500 maximum on each bet.

How many tables in the Poker Pit?
There are 10 tables.

Can we listen to iPods or use our phones in the Poker Pit?
No, the Ontario law prohibits any electronic devices at the tables. The Poker Pit is also a No Cell Phone Zone. Players will be asked to leave the Poker Pit to use their phones.

Can I call in to reserve a seat at one of the poker tables?
Yes, once you have called in and spoke to the list person in the poker pit. You will have 90 minutes to check in at the poker pit to make your name active on the list, names that are on the list for more than 90 minutes, automatically come off the list.

What limits are played at the Poker Tables?
The Poker Pit spreads games from $2–$4 up to and including $100-$200. If the game you are looking for is not listed. Talk to one of our helpful staff and we will start an interest list for you.

How do I contact the Poker Pit?
The Poker Pit toll free line 1.888.294.3766 ext. #4263 for up to the minute information on wait lists, stakes being played and number of games in action.