Three Card Poker

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Three Card Poker takes the best elements of Let it Ride TM and Caribbean Stud TM to create a new and exciting Casino game.

Three Card PokerThe game of Three Card Poker is really two games that may be played either way or both ways on any given hand.

The options are:

The player is dealt 3 cards, any pair or higher hand (3 of a Kind, Flush etc.) using those 3 cards wins. The player does not play against the dealer. The payouts for the various winning hands are shown on the gaming table.

The player places an ante wager before the 3 cards are dealt. After the 3 cards are dealt the player has the option of placing a wager of equal value to the ante wager on to the PLAY circle. If the player has a better hand than the dealer the player wins, should the dealer have a better hand or should the player decide not to wager on the hand the player loses. The dealer must have a Queen or better to qualify, should the dealer not qualify the player wins even money on the ante wager and the second play bet does not play.

The cards, ranked in order of highest to lowest are: Ace, King, Queen, Jack, 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2. The Ace may be used to complete a “Straight Flush” or a “Straight” with a 2 and 3. The order of hands from the highest to the lowest shall be: “Straight Flush”, “Three of a Kind”, “Straight”, “Flush”, “Pair”, “High Card”. Hands of identical rank shall be considered a push (No action taken).

A player competing against the dealer shall be paid even money on both the ante wager and the play wager if the player’s hand is ranked higher than the dealer’s hand. Should the dealer not qualify their hand (Queen or better), the ante wager only shall be paid at even money. A player placing a Pair Plus wager shall be paid in accordance with the following payout table.

PAIR pays 1 to 1
FLUSH pays 4 to 1
STRAIGHT pays 6 to 1
3 of a KIND pays 30 to 1
STRAIGHT FLUSH pays 40 to 1

A player placing an ante wager and a play wager shall be paid a bonus if the player’s hand consists of the following:

STRAIGHT pays 1 to 1
3 of a KIND pays 4 to 1
STRAIGHT FLUSH pays 5 to 1